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Joel Goguen

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I am an educated and motivated software developer and system administrator. I'm quick to ramp up with any existing development platform and I'm able to perform design, coding, debugging, and testing of application and system software. My interpersonal and communication skills are very good.


Bachelor of Computer Science

University of New Brunswick; Fredericton, NB. Graduated May 2010.

Work Experience

Security Engineer (Facebook)

March 2018 to present
  • Enhance the security of corporate infrastructure and client devices
  • Assess the security of core infrastructure, client devices, new technologies and projects, and provide recommendations for security improvements
  • Build tools and automation to improve the security of corporate infrastructure and client devices
  • Stay up to date with the current threat landscape and current and new attack vectors

Production Engineer (Facebook)

June 2014 to March 2018
  • Own back-end services, infrastructure components, and software code
  • Develop capacity plans for scaling up to very large distributed systems
  • Write, review, modify, and document software code
  • Analyze and resolve issues with very large-scale systems
  • Monitor service health, stability, performance, and security

System Administrator / Developer (University of New Brunswick)

May 2010 to May 2014
  • Configured, administered, and maintained the university portal
  • Developed a campus map system based on the Google Maps API
  • Worked with the Hannon Hill Cascade Content Management System
  • Developed Perl and PHP applications to support the needs of the university community
  • Incorporated feedback into the development process to develop and enhance applications
  • Worked with the Enterprise Solutions team and the UNB community at large to gather and analyze software requirements
  • Ensured integration between the university portal and applications in use at UNB
  • Analyzed and resolved issues with enterprise software, working with departmental experts as required
  • Assisted with the creation and updating of internal standards for software development and system administration
  • Contributed to the development and maintenance of an online university program application system in use by university admissions and prospective students around the world
  • Installed, configured and maintained Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS 6 servers
  • Monitored Linux and Windows server stability, performance, and security using Munin and Nagios
  • Designed, developed, and maintained web-based applications and web services with strict privacy and security requirements

Senior Student Consultant (University of New Brunswick)

March 2004 to April 2010
  • Answered student, faculty and staff questions in person or by telephone or email regarding Windows XP, Vista and 7; Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6; Microsoft Office 2003 through 2011; Linux; wireless networking and various university systems
  • Assisted with maintenance of student computer labs running Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Analyzed and resolved technical issues or referred to departmental experts as required
  • Monitored the status of various university services
  • Monitored tape backup systems
  • Provided training and assistance to other student consultants for both technical and procedural matters
  • Completed software development and documentation projects
  • Contributed to improving workplace policies and procedures
  • Performed various other duties upon request

Computer Response Team (University of New Brunswick)

December 2008 to August 2009
  • Provided on-site technical support, general troubleshooting services and computing and computer security advice to the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Nursing as a first point of contact
  • Analyzed and resolved Faculty of Nursing information technology requests or complaints or referred to appropriate experts as required
  • Assessed the requirements of individual people within the Faculty of Nursing for both individual and course-specific needs to assist with the selection of new computer equipment
  • Assisted with the maintenance of Faculty of Nursing computer labs running Windows XP
  • Performed initial maintenance and inventory activities on incoming computer equipment
  • Provided individual or group technical training services upon request
  • Coordinated repairs of existing equipment and installation of new equipment

Software Developer (Q1 Labs, Inc.)

April 2007 to November 2008
  • Created and maintained automated functional testing suites for QRadar remote sensor devices
  • Located, investigated and corrected defects with QRadar remote sensor devices
  • Created a script to normalize known application exploit vulnerability data
  • Automated the generation of QRadar device event database update files
  • Developed a script to generate QRadar remote sensor device installation and update packages
  • Developed processes to automate retrieval of technological exploit vulnerability data and prepare it for use with QRadar remote sensor devices
  • Developed processes to automate the production of a weekly QRadar update package
  • Categorized various device events into pre-defined QRadar event categories and proposed new event categories when required

Quality Assurance Specialist (Internship; Q1 Labs, Inc.)

January 2006 to December 2006
  • Located, analyzed and reported software defects
  • Tested new functionality and ensured existing functionality was not negatively impacted
  • Developed plans to fully test new and existing functionality based on design documentation
  • Monitored system stability and overall system health
  • Worked under tight deadlines while maintaining a high quality of work
  • Developed system monitoring scripts to automatically monitor system health and performance and automatically warn if issues were discovered

Training Courses

Technical Skills


  • Experience with HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Perl, and Python
  • Experience with developing interactive AJAX web applications using jQuery
  • Experience with the Perl HTML::Template HTML templating system
  • Experience with the Hannon Hill Cascade Content Management System
  • Good with developing web applications in PHP
  • Good with the LaTeX document typesetting system
  • Good with HTML5
  • Exposure to the Django and Smarty templating systems
  • Exposure to C, JSP, XPath, and XSLT
  • Good with Bash scripting
  • Exposure to Microsoft PowerShell 3.0

Operating Systems

  • Experience with the Debian, Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, and Fedora GNU/Linux distributions
  • Exposure to the Arch and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions
  • Experience with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2
  • Exposure to server virtualization using VMWare ESX
  • Exposure to Windows XP
  • Experience with creating RPM application packages
  • Exposure to creating application packages for the Arch GNU/Linux distribution and Debian-based GNU/Linux distributions
  • Experience with Mac OS X 10.7 and later.


  • Experience with MySQL 5
  • Experience with PostgreSQL 9
  • Good with SQLite
  • Exposure to Microsoft SQL Server 2005


  • Experience with configuring Apache HTTP Server 2.2 on the Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, and Debian GNU/Linux distributions
  • Experience with iptables firewall configuration
  • Experience configuring Apache HTTP Server 2.2 as an Apache Tomcat 6 web application proxy
  • Experience configuring the OpenSSH server
  • Exposure to configuring and using Nagios and Munin for server and application monitoring
  • Exposure to BIND9 and DNSmasq DNS configuration
  • Exposure to configuring Apache Tomcat 6
  • Exposure to development for and administration of Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Personal Skills

  • Work unsupervised for extended periods of time
  • Work well in a team environment or independently
  • Motivated to continue learning and develop new and existing skills
  • Very good analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to identify work that needs to be done with minimal consultation
  • Able to review workplace practices and suggest improvements


Joel is an enthusiastic and valuable team member. I have appreciated his willingness to do whatever is asked, get creative when necessary (while staying within the boundaries of our standards) and overall commitment to the team and the department. When something needs to be done, I know I can give it to Joel with confidence that the result will be thorough and quality work.
January 10, 2012 from Lori Murray-Hawkins, Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions, Information Technology Services, University of New Brunswick. Managed Joel indirectly at Information Technology Services, University of New Brunswick.
Joel is a solid worker and very technically savvy. What he doesn't know he can learn and what he knows he shares freely with others.
December 19, 2011 from Benjamin Steeves, Manager, Applications Development and Analysis, University of New Brunswick. Managed Joel at Information Technology Services, University of New Brunswick.
Joel brings creativity and know-how to any IT project. Constantly striving to find new ways to do new things or to do existing things better, Joel brings tremendous value to any team. A talented developer, Joel has played a key role in helping the University of New Brunswick establish its first internal portal for students, faculty and staff. That portal project has had a profound and positive impact on the university.
December 16, 2011 from David Shipley, Senior Enterprise Web Content Strategist, University of New Brunswick. Worked directly with Joel at University of New Brunswick.
Joel was the top-tier talent of Student Consultants during his time with me. He earned the designation of Senior Student Consultant which recognizes his extraordinary skills and abilities (a designation only given out to one or two Students each year). I would highly recommend Joel in any endeavour he pursues.
February 23, 2012 from Dave Kell, Client Support Analyst, University of New Brunswick. Managed Joel at University of New Brunswick.
Joel is very talented & knowledgeable in the developer’s field. With many languages under his belt, he is well versed and a pleasure to work with. Joel also has well thought out ideas and his recommendations on deployment have always been a huge asset.
April 22, 2014 from Neil Hawker, Senior Visual Designer, University of New Brunswick. Worked with Joel at University of New Brunswick.