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I am an InfoSec generalist, software developer, and system administrator for CentOS and OpenBSD servers. I have a strong track record of effectively applying established standards and best practices to my work. I take pride in delivering high-quality results and consistently improving both back-end infrastructure and the end-user experience.

Originally from Canada, I live in the United States where I’m employed as a Security Engineer with Meta.

As a software developer, I am familiar with shell scripting, Python 3, and Golang. I can also work with C, Java, or Perl, and I can learn new languages as needed. Having a strong information security background allows me to identify potential security vulnerabilities and help teams solve the overall security issues they face in a consistent and reusable way.

Having a strong generalist background in both system administation and information security helps to keep systems I manage updated with security patches and configured to be hardened against common security issues. I am also able to more easily work with subject-matter experts to develop plans that both enchance security and the end-user experience.

For more detail, please download my résumé.

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Time in role: March 2018 – present

Working with the Client Platform Engineering team, I work to enhance the security posture of corporate infrastructure and client devices. I work to assess the security of core infrastructure, corporate services, and client devices and recommend security improvements. I also assess new projects and technologies to provide recommendations on their use cases and build tools and automation to enhance the security of corporate assets. As part of this, I am continuously staying up to date with the changing threat landscape and current and new attack vectors and techniques, and I stay current on endpoint hardening methods.

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Time in role: June 2014 – March 2018

Working within Security at Meta, I work closely with other teams to improve the overall security of their systems while focusing on the efficiency, scalability, stability, and reliability of their systems, all with minimal to no impact to the people using their services. I also work closely with teams to evaluate the tradeoffs of each decision from both a security and a user experience perspective. By doing so I enabled teams to make clear, well-informed, well-documented decisions about current and future work at every step.

Prior to working in Security, I worked with a team supporting the Meta Platform (Facebook API, OpenGraph, recommendations, payments, social plugins, etc.). My focus was on the security, stability, efficiency, scalability, and reliability of payments services within a PCI- and SOX-compliant environment. I worked closely with teams operating in this environment to ensure future plans would retain our compliance status and to ensure teams were fully aware of the possible paths through projects involving PCI- and SOX-compliant services.

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Time in role: May 2010 – May 2014

I developed Perl and PHP applications and web pages to support the needs of the university community, both stand-alone applications and applications developed through the Hannon Hill Cascade Content Management System. As an essential component of the development process, I worked closely with Business Analysts and clients frequently during the development process and post-release.

I also managed CentOS GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows servers operating in various roles within the university. I managed and integrated CAS, Shibboleth, and Active Directory Federation Services Single Sign-On services. I also managed Apache HTTP and Apache Tomcat servers.

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Time in role: April 2007 – November 2008

I worked with the QRadar remote sensor development team to produce an automated functional test suite for new and existing QRadar remote sensor devices. I also located, investigated, and corrected defects with QRadar remote sensor devices.

I also created auto-update packages for QRadar. This involved correlating and normalizing new exploit vulnerability information with existing event categories. As part of this work, I developed a script to automate the retrieval of new information and the generation of database update files for QRadar auto-update packages, as well as the auto-update packages themselves after the necessary components had been gathered and assembled.

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Bachelor of Computer Science, May 2010

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If you are interested in considering me for a role at your company please be aware that I am not actively seeking a new job, and I will only consider roles allowing me to work 100% fully and permanently remotely within the United States. I also have a standard set of questions I request that you be prepared to answer before we schedule an initial exploratory conversation. Please also ensure the subject line contains the word “cerulean” to show me you’ve read this far.

  • What is the name of your company and what industry are they in?
  • What role(s) are you asking me to consider? Please include either a full job description or a link to a full job description.
  • How diverse is your company, and the team I would be working with? Am I expecting to work with primarily other white males or can I expect to work with a diverse team and company leadership?
  • What is your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • What is the base cash compensation range for the position? If this range depends on my physical location, why does your company expect me to do equal work for less pay?
  • What benefits other than stock, if any, does your company think are particularly noteworthy? Things like remote office setup stipends, professional development, or anything I might not expect to find at most other companies.
  • Does your company commit to this role being permanently fully remote, with only occasional trips for in-person meetings?
  • Does your company commit to strongly protecting employee work/life balance?
  • Is your company’s working schedule flexible or does your company require employees to work within certain hours?

I will commit to not sharing the answers with anyone, however I will ask that answers be given before any exploratory call to save time for both of us. I don’t want to waste your valuable time with an unnecessary scheduled call.