Contact Me

In general, I can be reached via email, although you may find other methods more appropriate depending on your purpose.

If you’re contacting me about career opportunities, my résumé is available as a PDF download or you may review my LinkedIn profile. Please note that I am not currently seeking new employment opportunities, nor am I considering changing jobs, and I am only considering remote opportunities in Georgia, USA.

If you’re contacting me about an open-source project I’m involved with, please consider whether another avenue is more appropriate. If you have a bug report or a feature request, please follow the standard procedure for whatever project you’re interested in and file a bug report or feature request. If you want to discuss something about the project, please consider the public forums available instead. Email is almost always not the best option, since few people benefit from private email and many people benefit from public discussions. However, I do recognize that different people have different circumstances, so please send an email if you have something not appropriate for public discussion.

For anything else, please email me. Please note, I do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial electronic messages (CEMs), unsolicited bulk emails (UBEs), unsolicited commercial emails (UCEs), or any similar unsolicited mass communication of any kind.