About Me

I am a Canadian software developer and GNU/Linux system administrator currently employed as a Security Engineer with a strong track record of securing systems I administer. In addition to my strong background in GNU/Linux and Information Security, I am also familiar with OpenBSD and macOS.

In all areas of my work, I have a strong preference for working according to established standards and best practices. As a software developer, this means standards-based and accessible code and output with security built in and testing done before release. As a web-based software developer, this also means providing out-of-the-box support for any modern standards-compliant browser and for screen readers. Finally, as a system administrator, this means staying up-to-date with software patches, monitoring system security and health, ensuring that all changes are done according to established policies which have been demonstrated to work, and ensuring any new solutions are developed with both security and the end user experience as primary considerations and thoroughly tested before being moved to a production environment.

Despite being employed as a software developer, a favourite activity of mine outside of work is developing software. I do not currently have any specific side projects, although I contribute to various projects as I am able.

When I’m not stuck in front of a computer screen, I enjoy reading High Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. I’m generally not a fan of television but I’m always happy to watch Doctor Who. I’m also fond of my cat and my Newfoundland dog.